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Activity Theories for Work Analysis and Design
Observations in actual work situations: Is this method still a key part of ergonomics practices? – Delgoulet Catherine
The Goldilocks Principle: Innovative work design for improved health -Straker Leon
Working conditions surveys and ergonomics – Parent-Thirion Agnès

Aerospace Human Factors and Ergonomics
Innovative Human Performance Measurements supporting Future Automation challenges in Aviation – Ragosta Martina

Aging and physical activity at work – Holtermann Andreas
Sustainable employment and the ageing workforce – Oakman Jodi

Auditory and Vocal Ergonomics
Reducing alarm fatigue through ergonomic audible warning design – Edworthy Judy

Ergonomics for Children and Educational Environments
Ergonomics challenges in the rapidly evolving digital world of children internationally – Straker Leon

Ergonomics in Advanced Imaging
Ergonom ics and Human Factors in Radiology: A good test bed for a systemic approach to the visual, organizational and cognitive ergonomics issues – RomeoPlacido

Ergonomics in Design
Designing tangible interfaces for human wellbeing – Caon Maurizio
Ergonomic Applications for Working Smart and Living Smart – Liang Sheau-FarnMax
Ergonomics/Design/Creativity in product innovation – Part 1 – Tosi Francesca
Ergonomics/Design/Creativity in product innovation – Part 2 – Tosi Francesca
Prospective Ergonomics: Ideating and designing future things – Brangier Eric

Ergonomics in Design for All
Designs for Accessibility in Home Appliances – Yun MyungHwan
New aspects and items for the standardization in the field of ergonomics – Stowasser Sascha

Forensic Human Factors
Forensic Human Factors and Ergonomics: Theory and Reality – Wogalter Michael
Forensics Human Factors: Human Behavior and Safety Issues – Wogalter Michael
Research and Data in Ergonomics:  Technology and Physical Discomfort – Wogalter Michael

Gender and Work
Ergonomic analysis of work activity and training: evolutions of basic paradigms and creativity in practices – Santos Marta
Gender, Work and Health in Ergonomics: Considering sex and gender (s/g) in methods – Part A – Caroly Sandrine
Gender, Work and Health in Ergonomics: Considering sex and gender (s/g) in methods – Part B – Caroly Sandrine
Gender, Work and Health in Ergonomics: Evaluating ergonomic interventions as a function of sex/gender-sensitivity – Laberge Marie
Gender, Work and Health in Ergonomics: Transformative approaches to foster health and equity – Part A – Riel Jessica
Gender, Work and Health in Ergonomics: Transformative approaches to foster health and equity – Part B – Riel Jessica

Healthcare Ergonomics
A partnership between citizens and healthcare organizations to assess and improve patient safety – Caracci Giovanni
Getting ahead of the curve: can we intervene successfully to influence the frequency of medication errors? – Edwards Brian
International perspectives on the application of a standardised approach for multi-dimensional time and motion studies using WOMBAT to study work efficiency and safety – Westbrook Johanna
New challenges for managing back to work and biomechanical risk assessment – Draicchio Francesco
The role of technology for quality and safety in laboratory medicine: the human factors conundrum of the pre-analytical phase and traceability – Triunfo Riccardo
Resilience in the health care setting – Albolino Sara

Human Factors and Sustainable Development
ErgoAfrica Symposium: Ergonomics in Africa \”Reality and future perspectives\” – Todd Andrew

Human Simulation and virtual Environments
Application of Virtual Reality Technologies in Rehabilitation: The current state of the art – Dr. Deepak Sharan, Jerrish Jose and Joshua Samuel

Musculoskeletal Disorders
Current Studies on Anthropometric Database and Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders Prevention in Taiwan – Lo Ei-Wen
Dose-response relations between physical exposures in the occupational life and low-back outcomes – Matthias Jäger
Evaluation of Job Related Health Hazards of Female Agricultural workers – Dhara Prakash
Field Measurement Exposure With Inertial Sensors – Andre Plamondon
Is it all about posture? A closer look at neck and shoulder MSDs. – Carisa Harris-Adamson
Musculoskeletal pain as an outcome – how can we get better insight into the time course of musculoskeletal pain? – Rasmussen Charlotte
On-site interventions for prevention and treatment of Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders. What works and what doesn’t? – Sharan Deepak
Pathophysiology of Musculoskeletal Disorders: Crossing Thresholds – Gallagher Sean
Preventing MSDs among health care workers – Salmen-Navarro Acran
Return on Investment for Human Factors / Ergonomics Interventions – McGowan Blake
Understanding Casual Pathways for Occupational Related Low Back Disorders – Marras William

Organizational Design and Management
Constructive ergonomics: enabling interventions and related methodological issues – Arnoud Justine
Global Ergonomics Month: Experiences, stories and initiatives around the world – Robertson Michelle
Standarisation in Ergonomics – Peter Frener
“24U”: THE “PLURIVERSE”  DESIGN – Alessandro Augusto

Professional Affairs
Professional Ergonomists Education: state of the existing programs – Aslanides Michelle Andrée
Revising the IEA Core Competencies for Professional Ergonomists – Graf Maggie

Safety & Health
Coping with complexity and uncertainty: the role of the BRICSplus network in the globalisation of Human Factors and Ergonomics education and training – Davy Jonathan
Development of a compendium of methods for risk assessment of physical workload – A cooperative Project of the German Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) and the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) – Schust Marianne
Objective assessment of physical work exposure: how to measure, analyse and interpret data. – Veiersted Kaj Bo
The development of Resilience Management Guidelines to protect Critical Infrastructures in Europe and worldwide – Save Luca

Work With Computing Systems – WWCS
Hermeneut Symposia on Human Factors in Cybersecurity – Alessandro Pollini