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Special Session

Activity Theories for Work Analysis and Design
Special Session SELF : Innovative Design Project and mutations of work. Activity based approaches : conceptual and methodological issues – Pueyo Valerie
Working and designing within the « Labs » – Beguin Pascal

Human Factors Driven Technology as facilitator of Autonomous Ageing – Albayrak Armagan

The Practical Use of Anthropometric Databases – Veitch Daisy

Building and Construction
Ergonomics of built environment – Attaianese Erminia

Ergonomics in Advanced Imaging
Ergonomics in Virtual Reality – Kawai Takashi

Ergonomics in Design
50 Years of Applied Ergonomics – Dempsey Patrick
Applying human factors to medical device design – Buckle Peter
Creativity in Design of Products, Systems and User Interfaces:  Theory, Methods and Applications – Mohd Khalid Halimahtun
Optimising complex systems through a systems ergonomics approach – Salmon Paul

Ergonomics in Design for All
International standards on Accessibility and Design for All:  background and evolution – Steffan Isabella

Ergonomics in Manufacturing
Applied ergonomics: French companies actively engaged – ZANA Jean Pierre

Gender and Work
Health and Welfare of Female Workforce: Ergonomics and Occupational Health Perspective – Salve Urmi

Healthcare Ergonomics
Ergonomic Design and Development of Healthcare Devices – Jung Eui
International Panel for Patient Handling Ergonomics (IPPHE) Symposium – Fray Mike
Ergonomics and Human Factors in robotic surgery – Coratti Andrea

Human Factors and Sustainable Development
HFE and green design of the built environment – Thatcher Andrew
User-energy interaction in automotive applications – Franke Thomas
Work, organizational design and sustainable development – Thatcher Andrew

Human Simulation and Virtual Environments
Insights into Augmenting Technologies For Improving Human Performance – Alexander Thomas

Musculoskeletal Disorders
Advances in Exposure Assessment Furthering the Understanding of Human Vibration Exposures – Johnson Peter
Analysis of repetitive movements and working postures in complex and variable working cycles: OCRA checklist and TACOs method – Colombini Daniela
Comparison of Ergonomic Rules and Implementation Between Countries – Rempel David
Epidemiological and Mechanistic Advances Furthering the Understanding of Human Vibration Exposures – Martin Bernard
Ergonomics aspects of sit-stand workstation use in modern offices – Part 1 – Bao Stephen
Ergonomics aspects of sit-stand workstation use in modern offices – Part 2 – Bao Stephen
Extension of RNLE (Revised NIOSH Lifting Equation) in complex and variable lifting tasks (in memory of Thomas Waters) – Occhipinti Enrico
Minimum exposure criteria and assessment tools for the determination of ‘work-relatedness’ for musculoskeletal disorders – Hernandez Paulina
New Methods in Upper Extremity Exposure Assessments – Kapellusch Jay

Organizational Design and Management
Applying the systems concept of Humans, Technology and Organization (HTO) in practice – Berglund Martina
Ergonomics simulation tools in design and organizational change projects – Broberg Ole

Professional Affairs
Experience Exchange amongst Certifying Bodies on Promoting Certification – Graf Maggie
Tertiary education in Ergonomics and Human Factors: Quo vadis? – Current practice and challenges. – Legg Stephen
Tertiary education in Ergonomics and Human Factors: Quo vadis? – Emerging practice and future needs – Legg Stephen

Process Control
Special session in memory of Neville Moray: history, stories, and research should be fun – Sanderson Penelope

Psychophysiology in Ergonomics
Psychophysiology in Ergonomics – Miyake Shinji

Safety & Health
Disentangling the physical activity health paradox – Coenen Pieter
Human Factor in Intensive Care Unit – Barbani Francesco
Is operational risk management a cost or an investment? Relationship between the accreditation and safety culture within healthcare organizations and the impact on the organization’s performance. – Trinchero Elisabetta

Slips, Trips and Falls
Discussion on Whether or Not—and How—to Identify Missteps and Falls with an Ergonomically Descriptive Label Other Than “Slips, Trips and Falls” – Pauls Jake

Transport Ergonomics and Human Factors (TEHF)
Motion as a new Language for Cooperative Automated Vehicles – Bengler Klaus

Work With Computing Systems – WWCS
Digital communication – Ziefle Martina
Digital Healthcare – JochemsNicole
Ergonomic Interface Design for Aging Computer Users – Sengpiel Michael
Human-Machine Cooperation in Safety-Critical System – Mentler Tilo
The scales and dimensions of collective activity – Detienne Francoise